Stainless steel sinks finishes

Find the best stainless sinks solutions for contemporary kitchens. Stainless steel sinks offer different kind of finishes, suitable also to the most exigent customers, always ensuring self-protection against rust and time.


Stainless versatility and functionality: matt but shining, satin stainless keeps for years, unchanged, its values of elegance, hygiene and resistance to scratches and to the wear of the everyday use.


The high-ranking stainless-steel with wrought surface with a particular texture, which lends it extremely high resistance to abrasions and gives to the metallic alloy a typical and attractive luster.


Modern and practical. The micro-stippling in relief, not only endows the steel of an invisible but unbreakable defense against scratches, corrosion and abrasions, but it also makes its reflection more warm and soft.


New finishing, is born from continuous researches and testing in steel, gives to the sink an aspect unique and refined, as an “experienced” kitchen. The surfaces make riche themselves of multiform drawings, thanks to light effects. Vintage finishing is versatile, is adapt to modern circles, technical circles and high tech. Maintaining unchanged the classic color of inox, the effect remembered is like a scratched worktop.

stone-system - bianco titanio 68

stone-system - full black 40

stone-system - tortora 43