Stone and Metal System

Stone-System and Metal-System are born after a deepened job search of many years, with the aim to improve the characteristics of “granite” products, already existing in the market. The studies have allowed us to reach the aim of increase the resistance to thermic shocks, the resistance at the impacts and to reduce the roughness of worktop, making easier the cleaning.

It was possible to introduce these innovations without compromise the resistance to scratches and to the chemical aggression, characteristic of granite products due by the using of acrylic resin and quartz (this last, also indicated as natural granite). The materials have a surface with both visual and tactile effect, like to natural stone.

The composition of Stone-System join traditional elements with “news” elements, at which is due a bigger resistance at impacts, a bigger resistance to thermic shocks, it makes easier the cleaning of surfaces and antibacterical protection, due to an hygienic treatment realized in all the surface of the sink.

The characteristic of Stone-System is the homogenous concentration of natural granite and acrylic resin in all the sink surface, these are some of the important elements that have allowed to obtain a very innovative and reliable product, with an aesthetic very similar to natural stone.

The characteristic of Metal-System is the homogenous concentration of natural granite and acrylic resin, (join to a percentage of metallic particles) in all the sink surface; this is one of the important elements that have allowed to obtain a product very innovative and reliable. Aesthetically gleaming and shiny.

Cleaning stone-system and metal-system

Beauty assured in time

Clean your sink using a cloth or a wet sponge with warm water and neutral detergents. Don’t use aggressive detergents, acids or basics. Rinse out the surface with plentiful water.

Traces of heavy dirty, can be removed by a soaked cloth in diluent bleach or alcohol and, after that, we suggest you to rinse the surface with plentiful warm water.

The sink in Metal-system or Stone-system is a mix of materials that makes it very resistant, but this characteristic can cause streaks due by the rub with metallic binding, they can be deleted with usual brushes and detergents.


Don’t use alkaline substances as ammonia or caustic soda.
Don’t lay directly in the sink, pots just removed from the fire.
Don’t cut directly to the worktop, but always use the provided chopping boards.