where there is creativity there is Anthea

anthea 86 x 51 1V 72 x 39

built-in sink series
stainless steel AISI 304-18/10
welded bowl

Steel & Crystal, a binomial which represents the true creativity in the kitchen. Essential and unmistakably design that allows the original chopping board to slide in the deep slot and cover smartly the entire surface of the sink.

012992 satin-finished F3" h 10 edge

basis: mm 800 / mm 900 if at beginning of kitchen
built-in fitting hole: mm 840 x 490
bowl depth: mm 190
with automatic pop-up waste
with 2 glass bowl covers
without pre-installed sealing
welded bowl
anthea 86 x 51 1V 72 x 39
scarica l'immagine
  • technical
    • anthea 86 x 51 1V  mm 720 x 390
      scarica l'immagine
  • optionals
    • small zoom 093100
      mm 330 x 390
      stainless steel basket
    • small zoom 094062
      depth 510
      sliding iroko chopping board
    • small zoom 094064
      depth 510
      sliding iroko
      PE chopping board
10 mm edge10 mm edge
10 mm edge

Marked Profile and strong lines, a timeless classic: the nice and sturdy sink, as it once was. Essential, without a step backwards in terms of sophistication and functionality.


Stainless versatility and functionality: matt but shining, satin stainless keeps for years, unchanged, its values of elegance, hygiene and resistance to scratches and to the wear of the daily use.

recommended mixer


Glass bowl covers

Sliding glass trays

Glass bowl covers black glass, as standard