cristal filotop
the element that unifies beauty and functionality

cristal filotop 116 x 50 2v

built-in sink series
stainless steel AISI 304-18/10
welded bowl

The soft corners of the bowls and the pleasant design with curved lines and drainer shaped at several layers characterize Cristal. Versatile and ideal for any kind of kitchen

010047 satin- finished F3" filotop

basis 1: mm 800 / mm 900 if at beginning of kitchen
basis 2: mm 1200 for lower than 30 mm
filotop hole: see diagram
bowls depth: mm 210
right and left version
with manual waste kit
without pre-installed sealing
welded bowl
cristal filotop 116 x 50 2v
scarica l'immagine
  • technical
    • cristal filotop 116 x 50 2v
      scarica l'immagine
  • filotop installation
    • filotop installation

  • optionals
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Top and sink perfectly aligned create an essential design.
Ultraflat edge and advanced coupler system: the built-in is perfect, minimal and rigorous, practical with no awkward overhang.

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